Anesthesia And Critical Care

To address the unique needs of the patients, we provide specialist anaesthesia and critical care treatments. Our services are put up such that they guarantee our patients’ comfort, complete safety, and effective treatment during surgical procedures in acute care environments. Our team of highly skilled and experienced anaesthesiologists and critical care experts are committed to providing top-notch care and ensuring patient safety. At our facility, the crew puts in a ton of effort to increase your convenience.


We have a full team devoted to anesthesia treatment. They oversee managing pain and ensuring patients are comfortable and safe during procedures. Here is a description of our anesthesia services:

  • Preoperative evaluation:
    In order to comprehend and create a customized anaesthesia plan, we extensively assess the patient and their medical history, current health status, and any other types of medications or allergies.
  • Administration:
    We employ the most up-to-date methods and tools to guarantee that the patients receive the appropriate care and anesthesia during surgical procedures.
  • Managing pain:
    To ensure patients’ comfort throughout procedures and recovery, we have a full range of pain management options, including local and regional anesthesia.

Critical Care

  • The intensive care unit and other critical care settings receive round-the-clock patient assistance from our critical care staff. Our offerings include the following:
  • Close monitoring:
    We have cutting-edge tools and technology at our disposal for closely monitoring each patient’s vital indicators, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels, and we can act quickly if necessary.
  • Life support:
    To stabilize the patients’ critical situations, we offer sophisticated life support treatments that include mechanical ventilation in addition to other life-saving interventions.
  • Rehabilitation:
    Our comprehensive system for managing rehabilitation services helps patients recover from serious illnesses and properly restore their strength and mobility.

Here’s more to our specialized care:

  • Specialized unit care:
    To ensure that patients receive the best care possible, we have two modular operating rooms with HEPA filters, laminar flow, and high-end life support equipment like anaesthesia workstations, ventilators, multipara monitors, defibrillators, and equipment for managing difficult airways.
  • General anesthesia:
    During a surgical or diagnostic procedure, the patient is rendered asleep and pain-insensitive, thanks to general anaesthesia. To achieve the correct amount of anaesthesia, we employ medications that are carefully titrated, including a mix of intravenous drugs and inhaled anaesthetics. We provide comprehensive care that is totally devoted to our patients.
  • Regional anesthesia:
    In this medical procedure, a local anaesthetic drug is injected close to a group of nerves that are temporarily utilized to block pain perception in a particular area or location of the body. This method is employed during surgical procedures as well as for diagnosing and pain management.
  • Regional anesthesia blocks:
    During this procedure, a drug is injected into the area that surrounds the nerves that supply the area that has to be anaesthetized with feeling. The epidural block, spinal block, peripheral nerve block, and plexus block are some of the different forms of regional anesthetic blocks.
  • Surgical ICU for post-operative care of patients having major surgeries:
    We have a specialist care facility where patients are attended to around-the-clock. We never settle for second best when it comes to the patient’s safety, comfort, and quick recovery. We provide comprehensive pain treatment from pre- to post-operative care, taking no chances in favour of comfort and a quicker healing process.
  • We are dedicated to providing our patients with anaesthesia and critical care services of the highest calibre. In order to create individualized treatment plans and provide top-notch care throughout the course of therapy, our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals collaborate closely with the patients. To learn more, contact us right away.
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